The tapestry of God’s Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is a tapestry through time here on earth. Thick, beautiful, intricate, this spiritual embroidery is made up of all of the saints of God from Calvary to the present. It is woven with love, devotion, obedience, sacrifice and martyrdom, drawing on faith from within and gifts from above. It runs unbroken through time.

Just one thread in this glorious tapestry links many of the well-known men and women of the faith through the ages, believers who have left their documented mark on Christianity. This is only one thin thread in the full fabric, but it can be revealed because their lives and testaments have been recorded and maintained for all posterity.

These followers of Christ influenced not only the world of their day, but subsequent generations of Christians and, maybe more importantly, subsequent men and women of God who would continue to change the world by their faith. Each chronicled in some way the impact on their lives of those who had gone before them, thus giving the entirety of Christianity a magnificent testimony of God’s work over generations.

It is on the shoulders of these faithful believers that we stand, as they each stood on the shoulders of those before them, and as those who follow us will stand on our shoulders.

The Book of Revelation tells us that the believers overcome the accuser of the brethren by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. This is the overcoming testimony of one thread in the tapestry of God’s people.

This is not the tale of a denomination, but of all Christian denominations; not of a doctrine, but of all doctrines wrapped up in Christ Jesus over many centuries on many continents in many languages.

This is the ongoing story of the body of Jesus Christ here on earth.

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